About Us

Our target business encompasses the manufacture and distribution of performance mining chemicals and we are known as one of the major diversified suppliers of chemicals as well as metallurgical experts in the African mining market.

We are currently active in 17 countries including Africa.

MineQuip look to be a first mover in any new and growing gold mining country in Africa.  Our senior management team is very experienced and technically trained to interact directly with customers on a day to day basis.

We sell chemical solutions (not chemicals per se), thus high level, competent and consistent technical input to customers is the key differential.


Crusher Spares

Activated Carbon

Hydrated Lime

Mill Balls


Quick Lime



Sodium Hydroxide

Work Ethics

We work closely with our customers in the application of the chemicals.  This includes investing in the application, equipment and technology in return for customers loyalty.

We identify suppliers of consistent, world-class products and look to create and service markets for these products.

Work Principles

We work very closely with our supply principles, as they are “the experts”.

We invest in warehousing to reduce the atypical log lead time from customer to order to mine sites in key markets. 

We develop and manage key relationships in the logistics chain.

Quick Contact

For any related queries, orders or advice contact our team of experts.